Secret Santa Project! – 2023

It’s that time of year again!

For those of you who have never played this game as part of the HCOS Learning Commons, Secret Santa is a fun card/gift exchange.

To play, you sign up to send someone a card/gift worth about $5. Send me your contact information by filling out the Google form (linked below) between now and November 30th. If you have any questions you can email Erin Duncan.

At the beginning of December, we will scramble the names and let you know who you are sending to! The information will be sent to the email address you specify in the form when you signup. *I do not keep the addresses after the game is over and the only other person that will see your address is your ‘Secret Santa’.

Information needed for this game:

I will accept names until the evening of November 30th. On December 1st the names will be sorted and you will be sent an email with whom you are sending a card & gift. All gifts need to be sent by December 12th in order to reach the recipient by Christmas.

If you want to play, you are agreeing to commit to sending a card/gift. And get one in return. Some good ideas for gifts are:

You may not know your recipient, so pick something that anyone could enjoy. Please keep shipping costs in mind when making your choice.

All cards/gifts NEED to be sent out by December 12th so that they reach the recipient on time.

When you receive your card/gift, it would be fun to know what you have received and/or you could leave a thank you note, if you wish, in the comments section below.

We (HCOS/Learning Commons) are not responsible for any late, damaged, or missing cards/gifts.

Spread the word; the more people we get to join the game, the more fun it is! I will stop accepting names on November 30th.

Have Fun!

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